How to Clean a Non‐Self‐Cleaning Oven

Cleaning the Oven with Commercial Cleaners

  1. Remove the oven racks. Slide the oven racks out of your oven along with any other pans, thermometers or loose items inside. Set these aside to be cleaned separately.
    • The oven should be off and completely cool when you clean it.

2 Apply oven cleaner inside. Put on rubber gloves first. Spray or drizzle the oven cleaner on the bottom and sides of the oven. Some cleaning solutions can even be used on the glass in the door. Make sure to target any crusted spots or stains.

  • Brands of oven cleaner that you can buy include Easy Off, Citrusafe, and Mr. Muscle.
  • Look for “fume-free” oven cleaners. These will require less ventilation, and they are safer to use in the kitchen around pets and children

3 Close the oven door. You may need to leave the oven cleaner to soak for as long as four hours. Close the door of the oven to prevent fumes from escaping. Do not use or turn on the oven during this time.

  • Fumes may still escape the oven. You should make sure that the room has plenty of ventilation by opening room doors and windows.

4 Wipe cleaner off. Dampen a sponge with water, and wipe up all of the oven cleaner from the inside of the oven. You may need to scrub to get stains or burnt residue off the bottom. Rinse out the sponge, and wipe the oven down again until there are no more traces of cleaner.

5 Let the oven dry. Leave the oven door open to let the oven completely air dry. This can take up to a few hours. Do not use the oven during this time. There should be no traces of oven cleaner left. If there are, wet a sponge, and wipe it up before letting the oven dry again.

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