How to Clean Marble

Marble Maintenance 1 Protect marble from scratches. Don’t set sharp-edged objects directly on marble. If you have marble floors, use padding under chair and table legs. Use coasters and mats on marble countertops to protect them from glasses and appliances. 2 Clean marble frequently. Marble stains very quickly, especially if a liquid is allowed to […]

How to Clean a Mattress

Stripping the Bed Remove pillows and decorations from the bed. Before you can clean the mattress, you must remove everything that’s covering it. Start by removing the top layer of items, including pillows, decorative pillows, blankets, toys, and other objects. When you remove your pillows for sleeping, take the pillow cases off and throw them […]

How to Clean a Non‐Self‐Cleaning Oven

Cleaning the Oven with Commercial Cleaners Remove the oven racks. Slide the oven racks out of your oven along with any other pans, thermometers or loose items inside. Set these aside to be cleaned separately. The oven should be off and completely cool when you clean it. 2 Apply oven cleaner inside. Put on rubber […]